Match & Play early ALPHA
New way of finding people to play with. No more need for looking for group posts. (Currently only for
How it works
2. Select times you are available
3. Get notified when enough people are matching
4. Connect with them and play. You have to accept or decline; otherwise your availability will be deactivated and you won't be matched anymore.
The initial motivation for this project arises from the fact that more and more users on my discord were trying to find people to play with.
The initial idea is the following: when the website recognized enough people at least 15, who are available at the same timeframe, then It will schedule a play date and announce it via email to all who are matching.
Everyone must respond either with accept or decline. If no response has been done then the user will be deactivated and will not be considered to be paired with. With that I can hopefully guarantee that only active players who are actively on search are matching together.